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From the secret of natural fabric dyes comes Color Wear, Evolution tone-on-tone color...without ammonia. 

Intense and Ultra Luminous Reflects thanks to extracts of Saffron, Indigo, and Rubbia, plants used to produce rich and glowing color effects in fabrics
Unparalleled Lasting Power thanks to Tannin, a natural fixative that bonds color to the hair fiber with the same principle used to fix color to the fibers of textiles
Extremely Conditioned and Touchably Soft thanks to the high concentration of Natural Ingredients in the formula

When to use Color Wear:
for all your salon clients who want ammonia-free color
to add new fashion tones or to enhance shine and intensity to natural hair
to cover grey hair (60%-100%)
to tone bleached or sun-kissed highlights
to level-out faded areas of permanent color
to revive hair color after a perm or straightening service
to revive hair color and shine to damaged hair

The Color Wear portfolio:
Fashion colors: Incredible Brown, Red Intense, Mahogany, Copper, Gold, Beige shades, designed to offer your clients a full range of fashion options
Technical colors: Naturals-to perfectly color your clients' gray hair up to 100%. Ashes- ideal for nneutralizing orange and yellow tones after lightening. Recommended for naturally covering a man's first gray hairs
Strategic colors: Maximum versatility of results
Intensifiers: For achieving high impact colors
Clear: For soft colors that are more delicate and lighter, apply alone to brighten and add luminosity to dull hair, whether natural or treated

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